Once you have acquired the dream boat, you will also want to look after it. Liability insurance is not compulsory to take out, but most marinas require boaters to have liability insurance if the boat is to be allowed to dock.

Liability insurance covers:
- The liability you incur if you sail into others
- Damage to things or persons to whom you may become liable - eg. if your boat overturns and damages another boat.

In addition to the liability insurance, you also have the option to take out a hull insurance. This is a safety choice for most boaters, as damage to your boat can quickly become a costly affair.

The hull insurance covers:
- Damage to your boat and equipment - e.g. damage caused by collision, stranding, grounding, vandalism or during mooring
- Damage that may occur during launch / pickup or if the boat overturns in the rack - also with mounted mast
- Theft of equipment, engine, sail and instruments (depending on whether the boat is on land or in water)
- Fire
- Legal Aid

You can choose to extend your hull insurance so that it also covers the year round. You may want to sail your boat in the winter, but it may also be covered if damage is expected to the boat while it is on land and not being used.

The extent of coverage can vary from insurer to insurer, so read the terms carefully at the company you choose. At Dansk Marine Center, we partner with several of the largest insurance companies, and when you buy a boat from us, we can offer you help and guidance when deciding where you want to insure your new acquisition.


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