1st Scope
1.1 The following general terms and conditions apply to the sale and delivery of new or used boats to the extent that they are not waived by written agreement.
1.2 Furthermore, the Purchasing Act and the general rules of Danish law apply.

2. Terms of payment
2.1 Unless otherwise agreed, cash will be paid upon delivery.

3. Delayed Delivery
3.1 The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer if the delivery of the purchased is delayed due to war, earthquake, strike, lock-out, import and / or export ban or other outside of the Seller the obstacle.
3.2 Timely delivery is temporarily prevented due to the aforementioned circumstances, the delivery deadline is extended. However, the Buyer may cancel the Purchase if the Seller does not deliver the boat upon demand by the Buyer before the expiry of a reasonable period set by the Buyer or - if no such time limit is set - within a reasonable time.

4. Seller's responsibility
4.1 Seller is responsible for the sale and delivery of new and used boats in accordance with the rules of the Purchasing Act.
4.2 If the vendor's supplier (yard) has provided a further guarantee for the delivered boat, the seller's obligations and responsibilities in respect of this guarantee are subject to the same terms as the supplier's.
4.3 The boat is sold freely and without charge.
4.4 Unused boat is sold unless otherwise agreed as it is and is available and occupied by the buyer.
4.5 Boats are delivered free of hidden faults and deficiencies and in the same condition as at the conclusion of the agreement. The risk of possible deterioration, other than wear and tear due to normal use, only exceeds the surrender of the boat. In the event of delivery, any replacement sums will accrue to the buyer of the barge (on the front of the purchase agreement designated as the seller).
4.6 Bareboats are sold free and uninvestigated in addition to residual debt as stated in the purchase agreement.

5. Limitation of Liability
5.1 The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for any of the Buyer's indirect losses and consequential damages, including operating losses, lost profits or losses due to the Buyer's default against third parties, unless the Seller has acted grossly negligent or intentional.

6. Reservation of ownership
6.1 If it is agreed between the parties that the entire purchase price is not paid on delivery, the seller reserves the ownership of the boat until the entire purchase price has been paid.

7. Credit Purchase
7.1 If the purchase is made on credit, the buyer is obliged to sign a separate credit purchase contract on the seller's usual contract form at the latest on delivery, and on registered vessel sign the ship's deed as well as any ship mortgage letters.
7.2 The buyer is obliged to take out liability and hull insurance for the boat at the latest on delivery. The sum insured must cover the trade value at all times.

8. Broker Fees
8.1 If the purchase agreement is made through a broker, the broker fee will be paid by the seller of the boat according to a separate agreement.

9. Stamp and fees
9.1 The Buyer will bear all costs for stamping the purchase agreement and deed, costs for any registration of change of ownership in the Ship Register and any drawing up of letters of measurement.
9.2 If after the signature of the purchase agreement changes are made regarding fees or similar services payable on the sale, the purchase price of the purchase agreement, unless otherwise agreed, shall be adjusted upwards or downwards. </ span> </ p> </ Div>


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