Buying a boat is, for most people, a great investment that goes well in any household budget. Therefore, there may be good reason to finance than part of the boat's price, thus extending the payment over a longer period so that you do not spend all the savings at once.

The Danish Marine Center has several financial partners so it is possible for us to adapt a financing according to the different needs of the customers. As something new, we can offer financing without payout, and also financing for the purchase of equipment for the boat as well as major repairs and possible. replacement of the engine. To be considered for funding, a positive credit rating is a prerequisite.


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01. July 2020

PÅ VANDET NU I EN KVALITETSBÅD?<br />Her er 2 gode bud der står klar i showroomet: Auster 740CC & Viper 233. Begge med 4.5L motor på 250hk, fart helt op til 44 knob, masser af lækre detaljer som Recaro indtræk, solseng etc. etc.......SE DEM 09-17,...