Både købes

Both are purchased

Every year, the Danish Marine Center buys many sailing and motor boats, which we prepare for new sales in our large service department. We buy both from private individuals who want to sell their boat - either in connection with the purchase of another boat or as a cash sale to us immediately.

At present, we are experiencing high demand for newer motor boats with diesel up to 45 feet and sailboats in size 30-40 feet.

We have the opportunity to buy your boat in cash, but it depends on the model, condition and vintage and requires a boat inspection before we can decide if it is a solution we can offer. Here you can't expect to get the market price, but in return you get cash here and now and can move on.

Write to us at info@dmc-as.dk with information about the boat you are considering selling, we will get back to you soon.


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Stokagervej 23, 8240 Risskov

(+45) 87 10 70 10


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